Trillium is a triple cream, bloomy-rind cheese inspired by the French classics, Camembert & Brie. Trillium has a soft, buttery texture with rich smooth flavors & gentle lactic tones. It is made for us by Tulip Tree Creamery in Indianapolis, IN.

Pairings: apples, berries, pears, ham, crackers, pastas, honey, chutney's, preserves, light and medium red wines, dark chocolate, nuts, bourbon.


2021-2022 World Cheese Award, Oviedo, Spain - Gold

2019-2020 World Cheese Award, Bergamo, Italy - Silver

2019 US Championship Cheese Contest Winner (score 98.85)

2018 American Cheese Society Award Winner - Blue Ribbon Winner

2017 American Cheese Society Award Winner

2017 Good Food Award Winner

2016 Midwest Dairy Competition - Blue Ribbon Winner


Pasteurized cow milk, pasteurized cream, salt, rennet (vegetarian friendly), cultures.