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The farm prior to 1954.

Our Farm's History

Our farm's story goes back to 1879, the same year that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. It was also the first time that milk was sold in glass bottles in the U.S.. It was December 8, 1879 that a man by the name of Samuel P. Perkins purchased the foundation to our farm and started farming. Tragically, he passed away 14 months later in a farming accident at the age of 47, leaving the farm to his wife, Emma. They were Debbie's great, great grandparents.

In 1895, Samuel's sons, Clyde and Jada Perkins took over the farm to become the second generation. They survived the Great Depression. Jada was Debbie's great grandfather.

In 1950, Debbie's grandfather and Jada's son, Kenneth Perkins, became the third generation to own the farm. Kenneth was a good cow man and enjoyed his Holstein dairy cows. In 1954 they put in their first milk tank and discontinued using milk cans. In November of 1967, Kenneth was in a farm accident with a corn picker and lost part of his left arm. Kenneth's wife Marie was a kindergarten teacher at Prairie Heights for many years.

In 1965, Kenneth's sons, Jerry and Larry, returned to the farm and began farming with their dad. In 1976, they formed K.P.S. Farms (Kenneth Perkins & Sons). Jerry and Larry were the 4th generation at the farm. Jerry was named a Master Farmer in 1999. Jerry Perkins and his wife Win, are Debbie's parents.

Bob and Debbie had met during high school at the local county 4-H fair where they both showed dairy cattle. They dated through college and got married in 1984. In 1985, they returned to Debbie's family farm and helped manage the dairy herd. In 1996, they purchased a local herd of Jersey dairy cows and springing heifers. Combining the two herds, they started rotational grazing in 1997. In 2004, they purchased the home farm from K.P.S Farms and renamed the farm to Country Meadows Farm to more accurately reflect their farming practices. Debbie is currently the fifth generation to own the home farm.

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The cows grazing in 1954.

Our farm today...

Today our farm consists of Jersey, Holstein and crossbred dairy cows, dairy heifers, crossbred beef animals, Berkshire hogs, Dorper/Katahadin ewes, lambs, and chickens. Our farm ground is over 90% hay and pasture ground. We practice regenerative farming practices to improve our soils and soil biology. Healthy soils grow healthier plants full of minerals and energy which translate into healthier animals without the need for antibiotics, growth hormones, etc...

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Who We Are

Our family, the people who are dedicated to raising the best products for you.

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    Bob Eash
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    Debbie Eash
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    Bryan Eash
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    Kevin & Brittany Eash
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    Lauren Bridges
    Office manager
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