This fresh cheese is bright and crumbly, similar in texture to Chèvre, only made with our cow's milk. It is covered with mint, garlic, salt, and nettle leaves on the outside for a super fresh finish. Crumble on a salad or a savory dish. Perfect for a picnic. Made for us by Tulip Tree Creamery in Indianapolis, IN. Subject to availability.

Pairings: watermelon, mandarin oranges, spicy stews, avocado toast, corn, chili, tacos, mango preserves, Riesling, Savignon Blanc, Blanc de Noir, Montrachet, light and medium red wines...


2016 American Cheese Society Winner


Pasteurized cow milk, sea salt, garlic, nettle leaves, chives, spearmint, parsley & rennet (vegetarian friendly), cultures.