Fromage Frais is a soft, creamy, fresh cheese made out of our whole cows milk and cream. It is made for us by Tulip Tree Creamery in Indianapolis, IN. Once the cheese is made, they add savory herbs to this cheese including dill, garlic, pepper, chervil, salt & pepper. It is inspired by Boursin cheese. Tulip Tree adds lactase to the milk when making this cheese to remove the lactose.

Pairings/Uses: Use as a vegetable dip, salmon/roasted vegetable topper, sandwich spread, cracker spread, mix in mashed potatoes and/or with eggs, top cucumbers, spread on crusty bread, pair with nuts, pickles & jam. Enrich causes or just eat it by the spoonful. :) Seriously, there are unlimited uses for this cheese!

Awards: 2016 American Cheese Society Winner


Pasteurized cow milk, pasteurized cream, sea salt, lactase, garlic, onion, dill, black pepper, chervil, chives, calcium chloride, rennet (vegetarian friendly), cultures.